Electronic home security

In what cases home security systems are needed 

Your apartment, house, homestead or ongoing construction is one of the largest tangible assets that require reliable protection. 

Even objects left unattended for a short time become an easy target for malicious people or natural disasters. When hosts go to work, go shopping or leave for vacation, various unexpected events can happen – thieves break in, a fire occurs, a roof or pipe starts leaking, and the power supply is disrupted. In such cases, prompt and professional actions are required to ensure the security of your property. 

Home security systems help to avoid not only material but also moral damage – not only prevent greater losses, but also protect customers’ privacy and their emotional well-being. If necessary, you can call the Eurocash1 quick response team for help even while being at home. 

Eurocash1 electronic home security is a service that provides a quick response to any danger alarm.  Until the hosts return home, the premises will be guarded by an armed quick response team who arrived promptly. This will help to prevent potential criminal activity and avoid higher losses.   After assessing the current situation, we immediately call the police, fire brigade, gas service or ambulance. 

Why Eurocash1 

  • We have one of the largest quick response crew networks in Lithuania; 
  • We use the latest cars and involve qualified staff; 
  • We provide electronic and physical security services 24/7; 
  • The Eurocash1 smart app on your phone provides a fast connection;
  • Our civil liability is insured for 3 mln. euros.

How electronic home security is provided 

We choose the most suitable security solution according to your needs:  security, fire and attack alarm systems, as well as video surveillance.   

We install the selected equipment and train to use it, connect it to the central monitoring console of the security service Eurocash1. 

As soon as you pass the protection of the facility to Eurocash1, we monitor it 24/7 and respond immediately to any danger alarm. 

How much does protection cost

Connecting the object to the monitoring console XXX
Responding to danger alarms XXX
Security equipment (fire and intrusion alarm systems) XX
Video security equipment X
Įrangos montavimas ir Equipment installation and maintenance X
Pricefrom 8 Eur/month from 21.99 Eur/month from 24.99 Eur/month 

How to order 

Fill in the order form, call to +370 5 2744686 or contact by  info@eurocash1.lt 

    Want to receive a price quote? Write to us and our sales representative will contact you.

    Other services

    SOS call

    Once pressing a specially programmed phone button, you are able to report the imminent danger in the house. After receiving a call, we immediately send the armed Rapid Response Team.


    Installation and maintenance of security solutions

    We install various levels of electronic security, intrusion, fire, and video camera surveillance systems and provide maintenance and advice.


    Physical protection

    We provide security guard and patrol services and ensure personal security to keep your family safe and secure. We offer physical protection of individuals, property, territories, or events



    Our patrol crews drive around and check the objects at regular intervals.


    Panic alarm button

    A panic button is a great option for emergencies that could happen when you are present and an extremely rapid response. By pressing the button installed in your premises, the information is instantly transmitted to the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) and the armed Rapid Response Team is immediately sent at any time of the day.


    Safe urban settlement

    We perform routine patrols in the neighborhood and offer a variety of home protection solutions.


    Short-term security monitoring

    We offer temporary security system for your home, which we monitor and respond to security alarm.


    Safes for Rent

    The safety deposit boxes for rent are located in one of the most modern vault facilities in the Baltic States, which is protected 24/7 using advanced technical solutions.


    Smart home solutions

    Small details that will make your life easier. Home automation solutions allow you to enjoy your life in a smart house in simple and comfortable ways. An advanced system can offer you a lot.


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