How to pay for EUROCASH1 services?

You can pay for our services in the most convenient way for you:

  • In the free EUROCASH1 self-service system; you can also view your payment and account history on this site
  • At any bank in Lithuania of your choice making an online bank transfer or paying in cash
  • Making a transfer via Viena sąskaita
  • e- Invoice – a quick and convenient way to pay for services – just connect to your bank’s self-service system, choose an e-Invoice, choose EUROCASH1, UAB, and confirm. Every month your invoice will be paid automatically, so you will not have to waste time on your payments
  • In all MAXIMA stores
  • In all Perlas terminals
  • On www.manogilė.lt – information on how to use this website is available here

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