Physical protection

Physical protection

Physical protection is EUROCASH1 security guard services in a protected facility or territory and the protection of individuals and their family members. All our employees are highly qualified and well-trained. Where applicable, we analyze the recorded video material to determine the non-conformities. We offer flexible pricing and solutions tailored to your individual customer’s needs.


  • We provide security guard and patrol services
  • We protect people and valuable property
  • We protect valuable property during transportation
  • We maintain public order during the events
  • We perform functions of an office administrator and information center’s employee

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Other services

Electronic security

We monitor the objects connected to the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7); when the alarm is triggered, we immediately send the armed Rapid Response Team


SOS call

Once pressing a specially programmed phone button, you are able to report the imminent danger in the house. After receiving a call, we immediately send the armed Rapid Response Team.


Installation and maintenance of security solutions

We install various levels of electronic security, intrusion, fire, and video camera surveillance systems and provide maintenance and advice.



Our patrol crews drive around and check the objects at regular intervals.


Panic alarm button

A panic button is a great option for emergencies that could happen when you are present and an extremely rapid response. By pressing the button installed in your premises, the information is instantly transmitted to the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) and the armed Rapid Response Team is immediately sent at any time of the day.


Safe urban settlement

We perform routine patrols in the neighborhood and offer a variety of home protection solutions.


Short-term security monitoring

We offer temporary security system for your home, which we monitor and respond to security alarm.


Safes for Rent

The safety deposit boxes for rent are located in one of the most modern vault facilities in the Baltic States, which is protected 24/7 using advanced technical solutions.


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