Safes for Rent

An individual safe is one of the safest and most reliable places, in which private and legal persons can store documents, jewelry and other values.

Modern vault

Safes are located in one of the most modern vaults in the Baltic States. For your convenience, the Vault is working in 24/7 mode.

The transportation of values

At your convenience, valuables with the security escort will be transported from your designated location to the chosen EUROCASH1 vault.

Lanksti kainodara

EUROCASH1 pricing is adapted to customer needs. The rental price of safes depends on the size of the safes and the rental term.

For safety deposit box reservation and information please contact: Phone: +370 5 230 2090 or E-mail:

How it works?

1. Subscribe to the service

An individual safe can be rented at a convenient time by completing the booking form online or by phone +370 5 230 2090.

2. Pay for services

For your convenience, you can pay for your services via e-banking, cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

3. Use your individual safe

You will be given access to the ordered safe and individual code that allows access to the storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for services?

You can pay for your booked individual seif rent services in the most convenient way:

  • Use e-banking at the time of booking;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Via PayPal payment system.
What are the possible sizes of safes?

EUROCASH1 offers several different sizes of individual safes, ranging from the smallest XS to the largest XXXL.

How long can I use the safe?

Since signature of the rental agreement for an individual safe and payment of the rent, an individual safe can be used from 1 month to 3 years.


EUROCASH1 pricing is tailored to customer needs. The rental price of safes depends on the size of the safes and the rental period.

We can make specific recommendations for safe sizes and payment plans based on your needs.

Rental price of safes:

Safe size1-5 months
(Price EUR/month)
6-11 months
(Price EUR/month)
12 + months
(Price EUR/month)
Note: All prices are indicated in EUR with VAT

Services related to the rental of individual safes:

Service NamePrice, EUR
Fee for the loss of the safe key or damage of the key lock150.00
The fee for not taking the content from the safe for each calendar day of delay, upon expiry of the contract.4.00
Penalty for possession of prohibited objects in the individual safe.500.00
Assistant Service45.00
Transportation of values0.1% from value amount, but not less than 60.00 EUR
Note: All prices are indicated in EUR with VAT

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Other services

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Our patrol crews drive around and check the objects at regular intervals.


Panic alarm button

A panic button is a great option for emergencies that could happen when you are present and an extremely rapid response. By pressing the button installed in your premises, the information is instantly transmitted to the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) and the armed Rapid Response Team is immediately sent at any time of the day.


Safe urban settlement

We perform routine patrols in the neighborhood and offer a variety of home protection solutions.


Short-term security monitoring

We offer temporary security system for your home, which we monitor and respond to security alarm.


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Electronic home security

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