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Cash-in-transit services

Leaders in the Baltic States

We continuously invest in the quality of cash-in-transit services and aim to become a leader in this field in the Baltic States. Cash-and-valuables-in-transit is carried out by new special purpose armored vehicles and by bringing in mandatory security measures, such as cash-in-transit bags, seals, waybills, and other necessary documentation. All our employees are highly qualified and well-trained. All services related to cash management and custody operations are covered in accordance with CIT requirements with Lloyd’s.

IT infrastructure

We use Navision SQL tool that is specifically adjusted for cash-in-transit procedures, while data provision and processing procedures are adapted according to the bank’s and the client’s needs. IT systems used for cash-in-transit services meet all requirements of the banks and their clients.

Cash management and custody operations:
  • Shipping of valuables and currency to/from 50 countries around the world (under a cooperation agreement with BRINKS).
  • The bank’s cash management, custody, and transportation to/from the Central Bank.
  • The bank’s cash collection from the bank’s divisions and clients.
  • Supply to the bank’s divisions and clients with cash.
  • The bank’s cash (currency) airport transfer.
  • Cash transportation services.
  • ATM cash collection.
  • ATM cash loading.