Cash-in-transit services


Collection and protection of valuables is carried out in specially adapted cars and with the help of mandatory security measures. Our employees are extremely highly qualified and have the necessary physical preparation. From the moment the money is transferred to us, it is completely safe and all services related to money handling and safekeeping are insured according to the CIT cash requirements. We constantly invest in the quality of money collection services and strive to become a leader in this field in the Baltic States. 

IT infrastructure

We use Navision SQL tool that is specifically adjusted for cash-in-transit procedures, while data provision and processing procedures are adapted according to the bank’s and the client’s needs. IT systems used for cash-in-transit services meet all requirements of the banks and their clients.

Money handling and safekeeping services

Novelty. “Smart safe” service

An innovative collection safe in your premises will allow you to perform collection in a flexible way, saving your time and conserving natural resources.

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Other services

Electronic security

We monitor the objects connected to the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7); when the alarm is triggered, we immediately send the armed Rapid Response Team


Installation and maintenance of security solutions

We install various levels of electronic security, intrusion, fire, and video camera surveillance systems and provide maintenance and advice.


Physical protection

We provide security guard and patrol services and ensure personal security to keep your family safe and secure. We offer physical protection of individuals, property, territories, or events



Our patrol crews drive around and check the objects at regular intervals.


SOS call

Once pressing a specially programmed phone button, you are able to report the imminent danger in the house. After receiving a call, we immediately send the armed Rapid Response Team.


Panic alarm button

A panic button is a great option for emergencies that could happen when you are present and an extremely rapid response. By pressing the button installed in your premises, the information is instantly transmitted to the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) and the armed Rapid Response Team is immediately sent at any time of the day.


Armed escort services

Our Rapid Response Team will ensure personal and property security. We only use new vehicles and state-of-the-art e-Security technology solutions. All our employees are highly qualified and well-trained. We have one of the largest networks of Rapid Response Teams in Lithuania. We offer flexible pricing and solutions tailored to your individual customer’s needs.


Safety deposit boxes

Individualus seifas – tai viena saugiausių ir patikimiausių vietų dokumentams, juvelyriniams dirbiniams ir kitoms vertybėms saugoti.


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