Video surveillance


Video surveillance systems are a modern technological solution for those concerning about their home security. A fixed picture helps investigating theft and burglary, as well as identifying intruders. Besides, this is a perfect preventative measure – criminals avoid areas monitored by video cameras.


Qualified service technicians of EUROCASH1 will help you to choose a suitable video surveillance system and install it in your house or farmstead.


Why is this security measure worth to choose?


  • CCTV systems are a great preventive measure against theft, housebreaking, or intrusion;
  • A fixed visual material helps in incident investigations;
  • If necessary, at any time of the day or during your leave, you can manually monitor your home or area;
  • Upon the alarm triggering, you can verify whether the alarm was false;
  • Surveillance cameras help in identifying emergency situations.

Electronic security


We install a modern electronic security system in your flat, house, or farmstead and connect it to a Central Surveillance Panel (CSP). CSP operating twenty four hours, 7 days a week. After receiving an alarm signal, the Central Surveillance Panel immediately sends the armed Rapid Response Group (RRG) to the place of accident and notifies you or your assigned responsible person thereof. Upon arrival, security guards evaluate the situation and ensure safety. All our security guards are armed, they have means of communication and special equipment; they wear uniforms and their cars have a distinctive marking. All RRG cars are equipped with navigation systems for recording the arrival time. You can see all the information about the event in the self-service statement.


Our third-party insurance is 1,000,000 Euros.

SOS call


SOS Call is an emergency service provided by EUROCASH1 in case of assault. Once pressing a specially programmed phone button, you are able to report about an imminent danger in the house. After receiving a call, we immediately send the armed Rapid Response Group (RRG). Unlike calling a common emergency number, you do not have to explain who you are, where you live and what is threatening you. RRG guards immediately receive a scheduled detailed route to arrive to you for help as soon as possible.


Why is SOS CALL worth to order?


  • No need for any extra equipment – you can call from your phone;
  • Responding to a threat at an instant – no wasting time on giving additional information to an operator;
  • If an intruder has already got inside the house, he/she cannot hear your conversation with the operator – this allows you winning some precious time without getting yourself noticed;
  • You will feel safer when knowing that you always get help in an emergency.

For smartphones


This free mobile application was developed for EUROCASH1 clients. After installing it on your smart phone, you can see a status of your security system, receive notifications about the system on/off, faults, testing. An icon, created on the phone desktop, will also report on the alarm, fire, electric power failure, or an assault upon pressing the alarm button in the secured property. All event notifications are sent in real-time mode. The application is available regardless of the type of the secured property – whether it is a house, farmstead, business premises, or a property for any other purpose.


What do you need to use the application on your smart phone?


  • Install the free application on your mobile device that supports the Android operating system (Android operating system version must be 2.2 or later) or iOS for iPhone.