Money collection



Today, banks seek to reduce the amount of cash operations. These operations are risky, as well as labour-intensive and time consuming; therefore, cash transportation and handling are delegated to businesses specialising in this field. EUROCASH1 continuously invests in the quality of these services and aims to become a leader in the collection market.


IT Infrastructure

IT systems, used for collection services, currently meet requirements of the serviced banks and their clients. We use Navision SQL Programme that is specifically adjusted for collection procedures and is characterized by flexibility – data provision and processing procedures are adapted according to the bank and the client's needs.



Cash collection and other services, related to money handling and keeping, are insured under CIT cash requirements in JLT Specialty Limited.


CIT – the insurance policy, issued on the grounds of “Cash in transit” requirements, setting out terms and conditions of the insurance and the insured cargo value of transhipment from a client to a vehicle, transport route, keeping in storages, and transportation to/from the Central Bank. Insurance agents are provided with detailed collection processes which are adjusted upon any change in a risk or cash amount. Responsibility – a cargo is insured against losses with regard to third parties and own employees.


List of services: 

  • The Bank's cash collection from the Bank's divisions and clients.
  • The Bank's cash handling, keeping, and transportation to/from the Central Bank.
  • Supply of the Bank's divisions and clients with cash.
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) collection.
  • ATM loading.
  • The Bank's cash (currency) airport transfer.
  • Shipping of valuables, currency to/from 50 countries around the world (under a cooperation agreement with the company BRINKS).
  • Cash transportation services.


Cash collection and handling arrangement operations comply with ISO 9001:2008 and CIT Insurance approved procedures and standards in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.