Video surveillance


Video surveillance systems are a modern technological solution for those concerning about their home security. A fixed picture helps investigating theft and burglary, as well as identifying intruders. Besides, this is a perfect preventative measure – criminals avoid areas monitored by video cameras.


Qualified service technicians of EUROCASH1 will help you to choose a suitable video surveillance system and install it in your house or farmstead.


Why is this security measure worth to choose?


  • CCTV systems are a great preventive measure against theft, housebreaking, or intrusion;
  • A fixed visual material helps in incident investigations;
  • If necessary, at any time of the day or during your leave, you can manually monitor your home or area;
  • Upon the alarm triggering, you can verify whether the alarm was false;
  • Surveillance cameras help in identifying emergency situations.

Technical protection

  After a certain type of alarm is triggered in a protected facility or area, the Central Surveillance Panel (CSP) immediately sends a rapid response group (RRG) and informs a client thereof. When RRG arrives to the place, the site and indoors are inspected and, where appropriate, special services are invited. All employees of our Rapid Response Group are equipped with the latest GPS and communication means.

Physical protection

  Employees not only ensure the safety of buildings, but also perform the control and implementation of permit regime, rules of procedures, local legal acts which are established and certified by a client. When a security or fire alarm triggers, our employees get a notification from the centralized surveillance panel and react. If the fire starts, a natural disaster or an accident happens, our physical security guards immediately inform adequate institutions and responsible persons of the client. In case of an incident or other criminal offence (theft, public order violation), our employees try to counteract and inform public order institutions thereof.

Security systems

  We have an extensive experience in the design and installation of the following systems:


  • Fire detection;
  • Security;
  • Access control;
  • Video surveillance.


Certified experts of EUROCASH1 may provide maintenance services of video surveillance, access control, security and fire protection systems. Qualification certificate number of our special construction contractor – 7092.